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Tata Sons hires back Cyrus Mistry as CA, after being impressed by his Profit/Loss analysis for the group

29, Oct 2016 By dasu

According to our reliable sources, it seems a truce between Tata Sons and Cyrus Mistry happened yesterday late night. As per the agreement, both the parties henceforth will not wash their dirty linen in public through the press. In return, Tata Sons will hire back Cyrus Mistry as Chartered Account for the group companies.


Commenting on the late-night development and hiring back Cyrus as CA, leading lawyer for Tata group Abhijith Manu Singhvi said, “Board of Tata sons and Mr. Ratan Tata himself were really impressed with the way Mr. Cyrus has presented the profit loss for the struggling group companies in his leaked letter. In spite of being a Chairman he had time to do all this, shows he has interest in accounting job. Probably that’s the reason he could not do full justice to his Chairman role.”

“As a token gift, we have offered him a Nano Twist which he has gracefully accepted. Though he could not get in to Nano as it is too small for his size right now. He has told with not much pressure of running such a big conglomerate day to day basis, now he will have ample time to exercise. In fact, he has thrown a challenge to board members and Mr. Ratan Tata especially that he will come ahead of them in next years TCS 10k run,” said Mr. Singhvi.

When we asked how was the mood when Mr. Ratan Tata and Cyrus Mistry met, Mr. Singhvi said, “We cannot share the photographs with press as it was a private meeting, But I can say both were laughing and shaking hands very much similar to the way Mr. Kejriwal and Mr. Modi do when they meet each other.”

What steps are being taken to bring back the confidence of shareholders of the group companies who have suffered a lot in last three days, Mr. Singhvi said, “Both Mr. Tata and Cyrus have assured they will work really hard. Mr. Tata has started going through to find suitable Chairman for the group. Like any politician will do, I have suggested Mr. Cyrus to say, how his private letter was hacked by rivals to show the TATA group in poor light.”