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A TCS Engineer develops piles problem after sitting on bench for 5 years

04, Jun 2017 By Akash Vadera

All is not well for TCS Software Engineer Rahul Gupta, who has developed a piles problem after sitting on bench for 5 years.


It is a common practice for software companies to put their software engineers on bench, meaning not assigned to any project, for months, and in some cases, even a year. But never did Rahul Gupta, a TCS software engineer based in Mumbai, expect that he would be on bench for not 1, not 3, but 5 long years. And the result – he has developed a piles problem, which has disrupted his daily life.

“I was recruited during campus placements from my college. HR made it seem like it is going to be a piece of cake. Little did I know that it would be a piece of cake covered in diabetes. For the first 3 months of my training, I worked for 14 hours a day. I basically slept at the office. The condition was so bad that my family members were starting to forget how I looked like. As soon as the training got over, I felt relieved because I was promised by the HR that I would get assigned to a good project needing only 8 hours of a day’s work. I should have listened to my ancestors in college, that is, my seniors. They always said ‘If you had to trust between a snake and an HR, trust the snake’.” said a depressed Rahul. He added “The first day after my training was when the bomb was dropped by the manager. He said that I would have to be on bench for few days. It seemed fine to me because I could have used some rest. But days turned into weeks, weeks into months and today it has been 5 years since I am on bench”.

When asked about his piles problem, he said “A week ago I felt pain in my buttocks from sitting on bench. I ignored it at first, but later the pain augmented. It became unbearable so I visited a doctor”. He further added “The doctor told me that I have developed a piles problem and it was because of sitting on bench for all these years”. Lashing out at his company, Rahul stated “The money that I earned by not doing any work all these years will ultimately be spent on treating my piles problem. What’s the use?” he asks.

If you’re just another Rahul who has been on bench for quite a long time, stand up for yourself before it’s too late.