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Theme restaurant on corruption launched; bribe waiter or stay hungry

03, Aug 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. To make sure that people don’t forget the issue of corruption and are bugged by it every now and then, Team Anna has decided to launch a chain of restaurant that will operate on “corruption” theme.

The restaurant will be steeped in corruption right from the entry to exit, which will not be allowed unless the visitors tip the waiter for their shoddy services.

“When you visit the restaurant, unless you bribe the gatekeeper, he won’t let you in. He will keep telling you that all the tables are full, even though there might be space inside,” Arvind Kejriwal explained the functioning of the “corrupt restaurant”.

Once a person is inside the restaurant, he’ll have to pay bribe again to get the favorite table, all of which will be marked with fake “reserved” tags.

Empty Plate
One could get such a plate and will have to pay bribe to get it cleaned

“We are not against reservations,” Kejriwal hastely clarified, “This step is only to convey how one bribe leads to another.”

To convey red-tapism and incompetence in the system, the restaurant will always give lesser items than those ordered by a customer and later claim that the customer didn’t place a particular order at all.

“To make sure that you get what you order, you’ll have to get a photo-copy of waiter’s note, put revenue stamps on it and get it signed by the waiter in triplicate,” Kejriwal told Faking News.

After all these bribery and bureaucratic formalities, the food will arrive too late (unless one pay bribe again), and could be of half-cooked. Customers might have to get it packed and cook themselves at home.

When asked why anyone would visit such a restaurant at all, Mr. Kejriwal said that there would be incentives such as meeting Jan Lokpal supporting celebrities inside and getting a genuine and autographed “I am Anna” cap.

“But more than these, this is an initiative to spread awareness against corruption and to sensitize people against corruption,” Kejriwal explained, “The revenues of the restaurant, including the bribes, will be used to fund our movement.”

“If we can fight political corruption by being in politics, why can’t we fight bribes with bribes?” Kejriwal rejected criticisms that such a restaurant could actually encourage corruption.

“Furthermore, these bribes are notional,” he added.

Other members of Team Anna also agreed that the idea of having a restaurant was a nice one as it went well with the theme of frequent fasts.

“We remained hungry due to corruption, and this way we’d give an opportunity to an aam aadmi to remain hungry due to corruption,” a Team Anna member said, “The movement must not die. We are ending our fast, but the hunger has to be there.”