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Team India celebrates traditional day, players not happy as everyone is forced to wear Manyawar kurtas  

02, Nov 2018 By @jurnoleast

Ahead of their T20 match against West Indies on Sunday, Indian players took some time off to celebrate traditional day. However some of the players were not particularly pleased as they were forced to wear Manyawar kurtas.


Apparently, there was a message on the players Whatsapp group asking them to dress up in traditional attire for Diwali. But even as players were arranging for the dress, the room service at the hotel they were staying in handed over a package that contained the Manyawar kurtas.

Though players initially protested, Whataspp Group Admin and Coach Ravi Shastri was adamant.

However a spokesperson for BCCI clarified that players were given a choice. But as most of  them were not carrying traditional dress, the board made it available to them. Some players on the condition of anonymity said that decision could have been of Virat Kohli, who was using this as just another opportunity to promote Manyawar kurtas.

Opener Shikhar Dhawan looked in much discomfort at the traditional day event. “I like slapping my thigh when I am happy. But with this tight kurta I can’t even do that. How am I supposed to enjoy the event,” Shikhar grumbled.

Hardik Pandya too didn’t look too pleased with the idea of wearing a Kurta. “I spent so much time and money on getting myself tattooed and with this long sleeve kurta it gets all covered up. I got had got myself a sleeveless traditional dress which had a cut-window in the mid section, through which my abs were visible. But with this Manyawar diktat, all that is down the drain,” complained Hardik.