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Techie exceeds everybody's expectation, even while taking loo break he was found working from rest room

24, Oct 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru: Super hardworking techie Kannan J (name changed on request), working for a reputed IT firm has exceeded expectations of everyone in his organization. The management of the company is now thinking as to how to reward a person who does not want to waste his time even when he is taking loo breaks.

laptop washroom 3

Faking News spoke to his Manager Thiru to know more about a unique person like him. Thiru said, “It’s very difficult to find a person like him, probably as rare as Halley’s comet which comes once in 76 years. He simply does not believe in a concept called work-life balance. You ask him for any update early morning 5 AM or late night, within minutes you will get it, like Citi he never sleeps.”

“Other day when I was at wash-basin, saw him entering the toilet. Coming back to my seat, sent him an email to test a new feature which one of our customer was asking for an immediate update on that day. In a minute, I got an update from him that he is on it. Within ten minutes before he came back to his seat, there I have the result in my email,” said Thiru on how he came to know first time about Kannan working from toilet for the first time.

“Later when I asked him about it, he said to me with a smile, earlier he used to take laptop inside as he does not have to do much there, it’s a natural motion that his body will take care. Instead of getting bored there, he thought better to focus on work. Now days, he does not take his laptop as it is difficult to hold or place it somewhere. He manages with his smart phone which is connected to test system through apps, so that he can do anything from anywhere,” added Thiru giving us more insight how a person works from toilet

When we asked, are you planning to introduce working from toilet for the team, Thiru said, “Yes, definitely, why not? Will ask office boys to keep good quality air fresheners inside so that team enjoy working from there. Side by side I am working with IT team to increase Wi-Fi speed inside the toilets.”