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Techie forgets what is traffic jam, thanks to his manager for keeping him in office everyday till 2 AM

05, Jul 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru Techie Santhosh Pradhan often complains, how in last one year or so, he has got no opportunity to experience the traffic jams in the IT city. All these due to his new working hour for his ongoing project which starts at morning 7 AM ends at past midnight around 2 AM.

Santhosh added, “I am working in Whitefield area, coming from BTM layout through silk board signal and Marathahalli junction. What a lovely time I had after I joined the IT company here. Always told my friends the best route one can possibly have in Bengaluru to spend half a day inside office cabs. Sitting inside, I can do peacefully my own stuff, chat with friends, update status in social media, order online whatever you want including food items. All these you can do without seeing your boss’s face.”

“For last one year, I am one unfortunate bloke coming to office early and leave so late to meet project deadlines. There are two managers for me. My project manager who will come early like me and leave early to pick his son from school. Around afternoon tea time my module lead will come peacefully enjoying his time in jams to bug my head till late night. Unlike me, at least both are enjoying one side of the jams. I get some time off in weekends late evenings, but where is ‘proper’ jam to experience at that time. Sometimes feel like, no life for me, want to run away from here,” said Santhosh.

Santhosh told recently he went to his home town in Odisha. He said, “It was a pathetic experience for me. My neighbors, uncle, aunts will come home. When I will start talking about UB city, Cubbon Park, Lalbagh or Vidhyarthi Bhavan Dosa, they will say not interested, will talk about jams, ask if some new ones have come up. I cannot bluff as most of them have come here and have experienced on their own. Having nothing new to share avoided them till I was there.”

“After coming back from Odisha, I have told my manager, allow me to work in normal working hour. Like others I want to be a normal Bangalorean again. Last thing I want is to suffer from one of the rarest disease called Jam Lack,” said Santhosh.