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Techie found not working while riding bike to office, asked to use that time to increase productivity

10, Sep 2016 By Beer & Biryani

Bangalore: In what is being regarded as a gross violation of software engineers’ rights, a 29-year old techie was asked to analyze a new project’s requirements while commuting to office on his bike.

Techie Sachin thinking about software requirements on bike
Techie Sachin thinking about software requirements on bike

Sachin Shinde, working as senior software engineer in a reputed MNC, was fully occupied at the office working for 16 hours at 200% bandwidth. He was so busy that he had no time to attend even the 15-minute weekly project calls.

“Purpose of the weekly calls is to check how occupied technical people are, above the usual 100% bandwidth. If anyone is found to be doing exactly 8-9 hours of work,boss pounces on him giving him another 6-7 hours of work per day. This is one big reason I avoid these meetings,” Sachin said as he spoke to Faking News.

“Last week, I couldn’t escape the meeting and was asked for my bandwidth to work on other projects. When I said I was 200% occupied, my boss started getting innovative ideas of extracting more work out of me. First, he asked me how I commute to office everyday. When I said ‘bike’, he immediately gave me a set of 20 requirements to be analyzed on bike while commuting to office,” he added.

As per our sources, the Young Software Engineers Association (YSEA) has termed this as a gross violation of software engineer’s rights, and said that the time which otherwise could be spent on causing road rage, watching female commuters etc. will forcibly be spent for analyzing requirements for a client.

Meanwhile, a dharna has been planned on office communicator by Sachin’s colleagues to boycott his boss’ decision.