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Techie looking for a bride is being told his market value is half now as his baldness has doubled

10, Aug 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: A techie working for a top IT company is struggling to find a suitable bride for himself. Though no one tells him the truth while returning his photo, techie suspect his ‘market value’ is down by fifty percent because of his receding hairline.

“While a guy sitting next to me in my office who is of my age with good hair density has six proposals waiting for him, I do not have one even proposal which has gone to next stage, like a family inviting me and my family to their home or asking for horoscope,” said Sourav Gupta, a mechanical engineer from IIT Roorkee.

“Like after attending an interview if HR says we will get back to you, everyone understands you have to try for job somewhere else. Similarly, if the families after asking for your profile and photo says, ‘Abhi to humari ladki padhai kar rahi hai’, then you know you need to look somewhere else,” said Sourav.

When we asked Sourav is it Mechanical branch which limited his ‘On Campus’ selection chances, now he has to rely on ‘Off Campus’ to find his life partner. Sourav said, “This ‘risk’ was known to me. My friends are telling me you are ‘late’ to market. Should have tried searching when you were in better ‘state’. I went through my photographs, I was in better ‘state’ in 12th standard that means I should have started then?”

One of my close Aunt while showing me Harsha Bhogle’s before and after hair transplant photos said, “Sourav, never mind, iss social media era mein thoda presentable to hona hi padta hai. Try something like this or visit Dr. Matra who has lot of options”.

What his baldness was not able to do, H1B US Visa did for him. “For a change, every day my family is getting some proposal. One of the big businessman in my home town who always thought ITI and IIT are same, are asking for my hand for their daughter”, said Sourav who has told his family he would like to marry someone who will chose him when his market value is ‘down’, not ‘inflated’ like now.