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Techie makes chai-sutta shop owner use paytm so that he no longer needs cash in daily life

21, Nov 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru: Productivity across the IT industry has plunged as techies across the IT city are having a tough time arranging change for their regular dose of chai-sutta. Ever since Narendra Modi announced demonetization on the 8th of November, cash has become a rare sight and its impact is felt in IT industry as well.

Chai Sutta
All that an engineer needs

“The impact is massive for techies like me. I sincerely doubt FM and his team thought about us while formulating the strategy”, said Anoop Bhat, one of the techie working for a big US based MNC.

“There are certain things like chai & cigarettes that MasterCard cannot buy since my paan wala doesn’t have a card reading machine. To buy from him, you need hard cash of smaller denominations”, said Anoop.

Anoop added, “On November 9th, I had 350 rupees of hard cash in my wallet. Looking at the length of queues at banks and later on at ATMs, I decided to survive on those 350 Rs only till situation normalizes. I started going alone for my chai-sutta break lest I end up in a situation where I have to buy someone else’s sutta as well. I also changed my own consumption by moving from Gold Flake kings to small Gold Flake. I was tempted, but beedi was never an option for me as we cubicle engineers sit close to each other surrounded by female colleagues and I didn’t want to smell like a beedi in office.

Anoop said, “However, none of these short term measures worked as in four days, I ran out of money. When I was not having any clue how to survive in these difficult times, I heard a baba ji giving gyan on radio, how he has made life easier for his driver, domestic help etc by making them use Paytm. I thought this is what I need as well, to get my chai-sutta wala on Paytm so that I can survive without ever needing cash again.”

When we asked about his other daily needs, he said,”Dude, I am single and I am a techie, what other needs do I have?”