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Techie says nobody believes he is a techie when they find him at home in the evening

03, Nov 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Techie Arun Prakash is finding hard to change the ‘perception’ the neighborhood people have for him. After people spotted him in the evening, they think Arun is no more a techie, somehow managing his livelihood without having a job. 

“Everyone including my milk man, cable walah, newspaper vendor, all are asking me to pay in advance after they spotted me at my house around 6 PM. Other day one of my neighborhood aunty came with a bowl of curry and few chapattis as she felt I might not have eaten anything. It’s so embarrassing to say the least,” said Arun who is trying to adopt a non-techie life style.

“Sometimes I will call my parents from my residence land line number in the evening. My dad was so disturbed told me to book train tickets for him. He does not believe one can be a techie and he can be at home in the evening. Kuch to gadbad hai. He wants to come here and check it himself if I am ok and my job is ok,” said Arun

Arun added, “I was also a ‘normal’ techie few months back. Going to office in the morning, starting the day with chai-sutta as breakfast and ending the day around midnight again with chai-sutta. The results were reflected on my belly. My cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar level were such, whatever little time I got from my busy schedule were spent at various doctor’s clinics.”

While sharing his experience with us, Arun said, “For last two months, I am trying to live life of a non-techie. Let me tell you, it’s not easy. For years I was at office in the evening, I did not know how to spend so much time at home.”

Our conversation with Arun ended abruptly when his house owner pressed calling bell. Owner asked him to pay rent in advance as well as doubled his water bill after he realized Arun is going to spend so much time at home.