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Techie while showing landmark ‘Silk Board Jn’ proudly tells his parents remaining half of my life I will spend here

07, Jun 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Manish while taking his visiting parents around Bengaluru city showed them the world famous ‘Silk Board Junction’ in the evening when it was at its peak in all its glory.

“Mama, Papa, you gave me the best of everything. Now this city is my Karma Bhoomi. When you will get anxious about me, think what I would be doing here. You can imagine I will be waiting somewhere here waiting for the traffic to move”, said Manish to his parents.

Manish added, “Discounting my sleep time, more than half of my remaining life I will spend here. Never be nervous about me because I will never be alone. This Signal will never allow that to happen. There would be at least five to ten thousand motor vehicles to give me company even if it is really late night or very early morning”.

“Papa, Mama, in last one year I have spent here, never heard a single pick pocket happening here because pick pocket karne ke baat, bechara kahan ja payega, pakda hi jayega”, said Manish who does four hours of meditation while waiting at the signal every day.

Manish’s mother after breaking a coconut at the signal was murmuring, “Iss anjane sehar mein mera beta akela hai. Silk Board Junction maa, mere bete ka Raksha karna. There are so many good-looking girls I see at this signal. If possible, please mere bete ko uska life partner se yehin pe mila dena”.