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Techie successfully bribes traffic constable with Sodexo coupons

07, Dec 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Techie Abhishek Rao, who was ‘caught’ by a traffic policeman for signal jumping, was able to settle the matter then and there, thanks to a bunch of Sodexo coupons that was lying inside his wallet unused almost for a year.

“It was early morning, I was returning home from a friend’s place after attending a full night party. Wearing helmet around my hand to protect my wrists I was rushing towards home to take bath and get ready for office. Itna Subha ko kaun signal follow karta hai. My bad luck, one traffic cop was hanging around the route I took,” said Abhishek on his morning experience.

Abhishek added, “With challan he asked for 500 bucks and without it, 400 rupees hard cash. I did not have anything in my pocket. He was ready to go to nearby ATM with me. Mahina ka end tha, mere bank account bhi khali tha, no point going to an ATM. Itna shubha kissi dost ko bhi phone nahin kar sakta, marenge mujhe. Luckily, I had 800 rupees of Sodexo meal vouchers in my wallet,” he added.

It took lot of convincing from Abhishek for the traffic cop to accept those meal vouchers. “I told him nearby shops where they accept these meal vouchers. Not only Food, beverages, there are shops who accept it for cigarette and liquor too. Still he was hesitant, at the end we sealed the deal at 600 rupees wort of vouchers without challan,” said Abhishek.

While returning home, Abhishek was thinking, “Today I got saved. How long I will manage life like this. Thoda Savings to karna padega”. Aur helmet “Oh to haat mein hi acha dikhta hai.