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Techie switched from fake American accent to his natural self after hearing a ‘desi’ voice during conf call with client

13, Sep 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: During a conference call with client, Avnish Pathak, a techie surprised everyone with the ‘range’ of accents he has in his repertoire.


“He started with his own version of American accent and as soon as one fellow Indian who is working for our client spoke in normal Indian accent, Avnish became natural and spoke like the way he normally does with all of us”, said Jaik, a project mate of Avnish Pathak who was attending the conference call along with him.

Jaik said, “Avnish watches lot of Hollywood movies. He will always say what’s the use if I can use what I have learnt in these kinds of calls. He will proudly say, “hum kissi se kum nahin hai”. I can talk better English than the American counterparts who will be in the call”

While sharing some information about the call Jaik said, “It was an all-important call to clarify few requirements related to a new project we got recently. Avnish was trying hard with his fake accent, but our counterparts in customer team were not getting what he was saying. Avnish is my senior and work as module lead, so I cannot stop him when he is in full flow”.

Jaik added, “When I was getting worried, ‘kya hoga iss project ka”, heard a pleasant voice from the other side. The person who introduced himself as Sunil is working as architect for our client from Bay area in California. Once Sunil started talking, Avnish became ‘normal’, spoke like the way we all expected him to speak”.

Avnish requested Sunil to translate if needed for his team to which Sunil said, “All the people in this side understand English, no need to translate. It was hard to understand what you spoke at the beginning, may be the conference bridge had some ‘disturbance’. Now it looks fine, continue like the way you are doing now. We all can understand what you are saying”.

Jaik said, “Now we are having regular call with customer team without having any problem. Sometimes by mistake if Avnish start, Sunil pitch in to help him”.