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Techie using BMTC says no need for me to iron my shirt, bus people take care of it

27, Apr 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Javed like other techies working in the IT capital of India does not have much time in his hands. In these stressful times, Javed is lucky as he does not have to do one activity in the morning, that is to iron his dress.

“Thanks to the co-passengers inside over-crowded buses, they ensure by the time you get out, all the wrinkles are removed,” said Javed.

Javed works for Outfosys, a reputed IT company which has made it mandatory to wear formals at least 4 days in a week.

Javed added, “Company mandates you have to look like a professional all the time. Yeh koi startup nahin hai, kuch bhi pehne ke jaa sakte ho. These so-called wrinkle free shirts are good for nothing, only marketing gimmick. Am lucky because I take a route where bus is filled with six times of its total capacity. Body to body contact in these summer the heat, pura shirt and pant nicely press ho jaata hai”.

“My ‘unfortunate’ friends who come by namma metro or shared cabs, will come wearing non-ironed shirts sometimes. There are some senior folks in the company including security guards at the gate who will look at them like they are some aliens out there. They would be compelled to iron their shirts after returning from office around midnight”, said Javed.

What about the age-old problem of not getting return change from BMTC conductors, Javed said, “That’s the small price you pay for public ironing”.