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Techie who wanted to tune himself for ‘Big Data” project buys a carton box of cigarette packets

26, Sep 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Techie Prakash Joseph is too excited about the new Big Data project that came his way. He did not want to leave any stone unturned in his preparation to tune himself for the big project.

For his breakfast, lunch and snacks instead of buying a packet, he bought a carton box of cigarette packets and kept it in his car’s dickie.

“After spending five years in bench, I would have taken a project where they ask an IITian to use all his skills to measure whether the margin in the printout has come exactly same as set in the word file”, said Prakash.

Prakash got a project where the final party happens in the client office in Trump land. Seniors have done multiple night outs to bookmark all the sites through google, from where freshly graduated from bench engineers like Prakash have to just copy and paste while ogling at cricinfo highlights

“Only thing in return project seniors expect from us is to accompany them for their four dozen soota breaks they take in a day. Smile and listen to their unlimited gaalis they give to our manager without which our days will feel like a quarter day”, said Prakash.

Prakash’s big obsession in everything has created some issues for his family members. “Yesterday I told him to fill petrol in our car. He has made the tank full, in the process we lost our family savings. Now I am sleeping in the car only, because the wealth inside car is much more than what is inside my house”, said his Papa

Prakash’s mama is also worried with the recent change in his behavior. “Morning I’ll see one dozen eggs are missing from refrigerator, in evening I will see full bottle of Digene bottle is missing. Tang aa gayee hoon mein. Prakash ke papa aur mein uske project manager se baat karne ka plan kiya hai. Either give him some small data project or send him back to bench”.