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Techies demand 'Silk Board Allowance' from companies where they have to cross the signal to go to office

07, Feb 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Techies who have been spending one-fourth of their life at one signal have formed an association called ASBA, Association for Silk Board Allowance.

After its first meeting which happened in the last weekend, ASBA has submitted a memorandum to companies where its members work. It has asked companies to include Silk Board allowance in the pay package for techies who are taking so much pain every day while crossing world’s biggest traffic signal.

Sumit M, association president said, “IT companies for that matter any company cannot take us lightly. If they do not take any action on our demands, we will come to the street. They are very much aware that we have a strong force of 5 lakh engineers who spend at least three to four hours every day basically doing nothing other than listening to advertisements in FM channels.”

Sumit said, “Unless there is added incentive, why anyone would take up a challenging job. In last couple of years after I joined a company on the other side of the silk board junction, I have spent more hours with these trees lines up across this long signal than with my wife and kids.”

He added, “After they started metro work near the signal, our life has become even more horrible. In addition to allowance, we have asked for dormitories with refreshments where people can go and take rest. Proper kiosks allowing banking, utility bill payments and ticket booking facilities. This signal is not going anywhere, we have to find a way to manage our life around this.”

After that Sumit did a little prayer murmuring, “Only three hours left for one important client meeting. God, please do some magic and help me to cross this signal.”