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Techie’s wife blames IT company for husband’s drinking problem by allowing him to leave office early

18, May 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Sarita used to dream what a beautiful life she would have in a metropolitan city like Bengaluru.

“I had heard a lot about Silk Board and IT office bosses from my friends who are settled here. How both of them ensure their hubbies don’t return before midnight. Thought I would have a similar life, will have ample time on my hands to do whatever I like. Be it watching my favorite TV programs or attending kitty parties in the apartment”, said Sarita who came to Bengaluru recently after her marriage to Pavan.

Mera kismat toh Kahrab hai. Pavan Sahab ghar liya hai office ke paas aur ghar aa jaate hain by 5 PM. Earlier he was a social drinker. Now days he is a full devdas. I enquired at office, yes, he has a job, but the startup he is working for allows him to go by 5 PM. Office mein manager kaam nahin dega toh yehi hoga”, said Sarita with an angry tone after she saw her friends Instagram photos enjoying life.

When we enquired with Pavan, this is what he has to say. “It’s a tough life. What can I do. Bought a house near office, life mein Jam nahin hai. None of my friends return before 10 PM. Planning to go for counselling to know what all I can do after returning home so early. But not finding anyone in google or quora having similar problem”.

Sarita has written a strongly worded letter to the IT company keeping Pavan’s manager in loop for the mess they have created in couple’s life. She has threatened if they can’t load Pavan, she will write bad reviews about the company in glassdoor.

One-day disheartened Pavan while having a drink alone at Bhagini restaurant met his old classmate Tarakant.

“Arre yaar, put this house on rent, shift to Whitefield. 5 PM if you leave office, you won’t reach before midnight. Daru kya, paani pine ke liye bhi tere paas time nahin hoga”, said Tarakant to Pavan.