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Teetotaler man buying alcohol daily as wine shops are the only ones giving change of 2000

28, Nov 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: 34 yrs old Subhash Kumar, who had never drank even a sip of alcohol in his life, is now visiting the nearest wine shop every day. Subhash is buying 2 bottles of beers every day and paying with a 2000 Rs note to get 1700 Rupees in 100 Rs notes.

2000 note
Do you have change?

Ever since the demonetization announced by PM Narendra Modi on the 8th of November, there has been a shortage of change in the market. With most ATMs giving out just 2000 Rs note, people are struggling to come up with the change for their daily expenses. Shopkeepers are also struggling to return the change to their customers and asking them to bring exact amount when they come for shopping.

“I didn’t have much problem withdrawing the money from my account after demonetization. The queue at the bank was short and I managed to withdraw 24,000 via a cheque. However, the problem is that they gave me 12 notes of 2000 and no 100 or 500 rupee note. Now I need change for all my daily expenses, bread-milk-eggs in the morning, vegetables, fruits, bus fare and some miscellaneous household expenses but nobody in the market was willing to accept the 2000 Rs note”, Subhash told us about his predicament.

“Then a couple of days back, I saw my neighbor Jatin with several 100 rupee notes in his hand. When I asked him how he managed to get so many of them, he told me that the wine shop guy gave him change for a 2000 Rs note when he went to buy his daily quarter. I decided then and there that I will also start buying some alcohol to get change, now I go to the wine shop daily and get 2 bottles. Within a few days, all my 2000 Rs notes will convert to 100s. 1700 in 100 Rs notes are way more valuable than a 2000 Rs note right now so practically, I am making a huge profit by buying those 2 beer bottles”, Subhash explained.

When we asked what he is doing with those beer bottles, Subhash said, “I am throwing away the beer and keeping the empty bottles. My son can use them to light rockets during next Diwali.”