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Tejas to be re-inducted in Air Force tomorrow after they forgot to tie Nimbu-Mirchi on it

01, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Bengaluru: After a wait of 3 decades, Light Combat Aircraft Tejas was supposed to be inducted into the Indian Air Force today but it looks like the wait will extend by one more day. Indian Air Force has been asked to do the induction ceremony again tomorrow after nobody tied Nimbu-Mirchi in front of the aircraft.

Tejas will fly again tomorrow, with the protection of Nimbu-Mirchi

Tying Nimbu-Mirchi at the front of a vehicle is a very popular and time tested Indian strategy to protect a vehicle from any accidents and Government doesn’t want the much awaited Tejas to have any accidents.

“It is the right thing to do. This Tejas has been delayed so much that one day’s delay won’t matter at all now but we got to do it the right way. I don’t know how nobody noticed that there is no Nimbu-Mirchi tied up; this lack of attention to details is slightly concerning. However, we will set it right tomorrow and do the induction ceremony again”, said a defense ministry spokesperson.

“We don’t want Tejas to turn into another MIG. Since this is an aircraft developed in India, we need it to be accident-free to make a good impression on the world. Imagine if this crashes after our negligence, what reputation we will be left with”, said the spokesperson.

When we asked whether it is right to tie superstition to engineering, the spokesperson said,”It is not a superstition if it is true. Tying Nimbu-Mirchi does stop accidents. Have you ever heard of a plan with Nimbu-Mirchi on board crashing? There you go.”

Meanwhile, there was also a proposal to paint ‘Buri Nazar waale tera munh kaala’ on the back oof the aircrafts but the idea was dropped lest it offends African nationals, relations with whom are already tense over some recent incidents.