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Temporary gyms spring up around the country to meet Resolution driven boom in January

24, Dec 2015 By Sandeep Kadian

A host of temporary gym facilities have sprung up around the country in anticipation of the huge surge in demand in January.

“Lose weight” or “Join a Gym” have long been the most popular New Year resolutions and this leads to a surge in demand during the 1st month of the year. As is the tradition with the resolutions, everyone forgets them within a month so the demand drops again in February.

People running towards a gym on 2nd January
People running towards a gym on 2nd January

To meet this seasonal boom, industry veterans have come together and introduced concept of temporary gym facilities. These gyms will be set up inside tents and pandals like the ones used for marriages and religious gatherings. A new startup has come up that will provide gym equipments on rent. Once everyone forgets their new resolution, the tents will be returned to the tent house and gym equipment will be sent to the houses of VCs funding this startup.

Speaking to Faking News, industry veteran Rajat Gymwala said, “The spurt in demand during January was a long standing challenge before us. Every 1st of January, our gyms looked like a Virar local train and by 31st of January; they started resembling Sahara desert with no man in sight. We needed to think out of the box to meet this temporary demand. Hence, the temporary gyms.”

“We have already rented out space in open maidaans across the country. Luckily, no elections are happening right now so all the rally grounds were lying vacant. We will utilize those spaces. Thanks to the winters, we don’t need ACs so we can set these gyms up outdoors,” Mr Gymwala went on to add.

In addition to the temporary gyms, some people have also set up virtual gyms that one can join online. “A vast majority of people who make this resolution of joining a gym never actually use the gym. Their resolution is to only join a gym. These virtual gyms help them keep their resolution at minimal cost”, explained Mr Gymwala.