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Terrorists blast Egypt Air hijacker for making a mockery of terrorism

30, Mar 2016 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi: Upset with the way hijacking of Egypt Air flight MS181 ended, leading terrorists of the world have issued a statement condemning the actions of Seif Eldin Mustafa, the man who had hijacked the flight to deliver some messages to his ex-wife.

Mustafa had no intentions to blow the airplane or himself up, and this has left the terrorist community high and dry.

Selfie with Hijacker
Selfie with Hijacker

“Bhencho, it was total KLPD!” said an aspiring terrorist from Ludhiana who had recently added an ISIS sympathizing Facebook account with a Syrian girl’s DP, “Here I am delivering messages to my girlfriend on Facebook, while that idiot hijacked a plane! Did he have so much trouble creating a Facebook account?”

ISIS too has condemned the action calling it highly irresponsible act that hurt their professional sentiments.

“We had composed our mails of taking responsibility for the hacking and were all set to send it to BBC, Al Jazeera, CNN, NDTV, Rana Ayyub, and other media organizations when we suddenly realized that it was some idiot, not our man,” an ISIS spokesperson told Faking News.

“This brings bad name to our profession,” he said, “This is like US marines invading Pakistan air space to go to Abottabad and come back just after taking a selfie with Osama without killing or even injuring him. How would the US media and public react to that?”

“This jeopardizes our future hijacking plans,” an Al Qaeda representative said, “People won’t take our guys seriously when they announce that they’ve hijacked the plane. That idiot wore a fake suicide belt! Now we’d definitely need at least one amongst us to blow himself up to prove the belts to be genuine. That will increase our attrition rate!”

Meanwhile, ISIS has started a paid ‘selfie with terrorist’ service to capitalize on this new found love of taking selfies with hijackers and suicide bombers.