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Terrorists claim they too have something like the “Mumbai spirit”

15, Jul 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Unidentified Place. Hurt by the assumption that something called the “Mumbai spirit” has been crushing their plans and objectives year after year, terrorists have declared that they too possessed a “spirit” that was not much different from the Mumbai one. Terrorists assert that they are completely capable of taking on any threat arising out of the Mumbai spirit, which is supposed to give deadly blows to terrorists’ motives.

“What is this Mumbai spirit that you are talking about?” a terrorist spokesman told Faking News when contacted for comments, “From what I could gather after Googling and reading tweets is that this is basically about living life as if nothing had happened, right?”

A terrorist
A terrorist, ready to fire in air to celebrate his character and persona, which he claims are superior to those of Mumbai residents.

“Bollocks!” the terrorist reacted after getting a nod from the FN reporter, “That’s what even we do. We live our lives as if nothing had happened. And your security agencies have been helpful on that count.”

The terrorist said that like an ordinary Mumbaikar, even the terrorist didn’t spend too many days and nights thinking over a bomb blast. They too immediately moved on to the next blast as if nothing had happened.

“Now if that is not the Mumbai spirit, what is that?” the angry and confused terrorist blamed the media and intelligentsia for blatantly misrepresenting facts about terrorists. In fact, the terrorist claimed that they were far better in “moving on” in life than any Mumbaikar.

“You guys still haven’t moved on from Kasab, while he’s a history for us. We didn’t even realize it was his birthday this Wednesday when the blasts took place in Mumbai. No way are we going to plan our blasts to wish that biryani eating lucky bastard a birthday!” the terrorist said.

“Therefore, isn’t our Mumbai spirit, or whatever we may call it, better and stronger than yours?” the terrorist posed a question.

The terrorist completely rubbished the rumors that several of their colleagues were killed in the last few years owing to deadly strikes by the indomitable Mumbai spirit.

“Dude, how can you even believe that shit!?” the angry terrorist argued, “This Mumbai spirit doesn’t even enjoy the advantage of surprise that we enjoy, as was pointed out by your Prime Minister. Do you really think it can trump us?”