Wednesday, 1st April, 2020


Thaali banging stops after Anu Malik comes to his balcony, people afraid he will copy the tune

22, Mar 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. The sounds of thaalis and clapping started much before 5 PM and the whole nation witnessed the coming together of societies and communities.


Though there was no end time mentioned by Modi, a Mumbai colony had to stop the thaali banging as soon as Anu Malik came to his balcony. The Faking News has learned that people were aftraid that Anu might copy the music. As soon as Anu came to the balcony, there was pin-drop silence again. Anu started clapping and banging the thaalis but no one responded. As soon as he again went inside his home people started making the sound.

This continued till the time he again came to the balcony. Same was the case in Pritam’s colony also. Pritam though told his neighbors that he only copies international music and they should not be worried. After assurance from Pritam, his society members again started banging thaalis and created good tunes. We are yet to hear from Tanisk Baagchi and other remix makers and stories from their societies. Baadshah has already started writing lyrics for his next song by using the tune created by people.