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Thanks to the aesthetically done pan stains Lucknow metro is the most colorful one among all metros says a survey

08, Sep 2017 By dasu

Lucknow: According to a recent survey done to find the most colorful metro in India, newly launched Lucknow metro has come on top, not to the surprise of many.

“All the credit goes to our metro riders whose untiring effort of spitting paan masala and gutkha has helped us to achieve this ‘unique’ feat within a week of our launch,” said Manoj Kumar, the ‘Proud’ director of LMRC while speaking to us.

Mr. Kumar added, “As the survey was announced in quick notice, I left no stones unturned to take Lucknow metro to the top. During my inspection, found barring one or two walls, most of the walls work was already done. They had stains which are so aesthetically done and pleasing to the eye, one cannot say they are paan masala and gutkha spits. I just asked my staff to put perfumes on them, so that there is no smell either.”

“The challenge was for me to find suitable ‘painters’ who will do the job in few walls still incomplete so that uniformity is maintained across. Told my staff to find the people who are doing this ‘noble’ job from CCTV footage. Just see, the work they have done. It is not easy to paint from mouth. Looks like our metro riders who are doing it are professionals with ears of experience behind them,” said Manoj Kumar.

We spoke to Gopal Yadav, one of the known mouth painters from a nearby village who came to Lucknow for metro ride. While showing us the reward he got from the LMRC head Manoj Kumar, Mr. Yadav said. “This is nothing sir. I can paint a full building in a day through my mouth. Only thing I need is few thousand packets of paan masala and gutkha which LMRC people provided me.

“Go to any government office in Lucknow, you will find Gopal Bhai’s mark there. My village people who knows Gopal Bhai, can just look at the pattern and say, ‘yeh to Gopal Bhai ka kaam hi hoga’, said Satish Yadav younger brother of Gopal Yadav with immense pride in his eyes for his brother.