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Thanks to Bengaluru rain, techie using a boat reaches office on time as there were no 'One Way' for him to follow

13, Aug 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru: Office colleagues of Abhijith K were in a state shock when they saw him at office at 8 AM. “It’s natural for them to get surprised because I am known for consistently making my entry during post lunch hour session. On July 28th, when half of Bengaluru was about to get drowned, I was on time,” said Abhijith

Need a boat to get to work
Now reach office on time even with flooded roads

“Most of them were sympathetic towards me thinking due to rain I might not have made my customary pub visit last evening. They were murmuring among themselves thinking I might not have gone home, would have slept overnight at dormitory. Some of them opened their lunch box thinking I would not have eaten anything from last night,” he said.

Abhijith added, “I had to tell them cool down guys. Yesterday evening though I could not go to a pub, I had my quota of beer in my room and slept. As I am staying on the ground floor, water entered my room. Before I could realize anything, get over my hangover, fire department personnel put me in to a rescue boat. They were asking me; do you have any relative or friends place where we could take you. My phone was dead, I had no idea in what state others might be, told them to take me to my office. The reason was if nothing at least I will get free Wi-Fi with 24 by 7 power backup and unlimited tea & biscuit to cross over this difficult phase.”

“From the place I am staying to my office in electronics city, every single road is one-way due to which I have to travel seventeen kilometers to cross mere seven kilometer of distance. Luckily the water current was towards office, so reached office in ten minutes. In normal circumstances on a rain soaked day like that, it would have taken me at least 4 hours to reach office. It is as if rain God listened to us, no potholes, no one way, no signals, all vanished within few hours of downpour,” said Abhijith

Abhijith said, “I was checking with the fire department personnel, whether there is scope for return trip in the evening especially towards MG road where all my favorite pubs are located. They were saying, don’t worry, a lot of work BBMP has done over the years by allowing unauthorized construction, lake & storm water drain encroachment, so water will stay on roads for some time.”

“Last I heard some of the taxi aggregators have added boat service and if it drizzles for two days more, there might extend the boat service till my home town Mysore,” he smiled in anticipation.