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Thanks to heavy rain Bengaluru techie habituated to return home around midnight reaches at 5 PM but next day

01, Jun 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Being a hard-working techie, Shiva Prasad left for office early morning and never returned home before midnight.

Shiv Prasad on Wednesday started from office around his regular time, but due to heavy rain instead of 2 AM he reached home around 5 PM in the afternoon which created a chaos in his neighborhood.

“I was having my afternoon tea when I heard dogs barking in the street. Normally these dogs do not bark in the evening. So, I came out to see what happened. Saw a ‘stranger’ out there watching the kids playing cricket on the street”, said Rakesh P, one of the neighbor of Shiv Prasad.

Shiva Prasad told Rakesh and others, he is staying here for last two years. Most of them have not seen him because he likes to spend his ‘quality’ time at office.

Weekends ko din bhar mein so ta hoon. Unko kya problem hai. I showed him my Aadhaar card with address proof of this place, still they refused to believe,” said Shiva while speaking to us.

Upset Shiv Prasad told everyone out there, this is harassment and he will go to Police station to give a complaint.

While Shiva was taking his car out, he put it on the reverse gear. One of the uncle came there, told everyone he recognizes this sound quite well.

“Once they verified this is my car from the RC book, they left the place. Bacha liya yaar reverse horn ne mujhe aaj bacha liya,” said Shiva Prasad before heading towards office.