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Thanks to Rain God’s mercy builders in Bengaluru are adding ‘natural lakes’ to the list of amenities

17, Aug 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Due to heavy rain in Bengaluru, many parts of the city are flooded with rain water. Some city based builders who are struggling to sell their old inventory does not want to lose this golden opportunity. Thanks to Rain God’s mercy, they have started adding a new amenity called ‘natural lakes’ to the already existing long list of amenities they have mentioned in their brochures.

While sharing the new updated brochure with us, Mr. Ranga Reddy said, “Post demonetization and RERA act, our life is miserable. We are hopeful many people who are sitting on the sidelines unable to make a decision whether this is right time to purchase a house, will be attracted because of this new amenity.”

When we asked, what is the logic behind this? Mr. Reddy who claims he has more than 25 years of experience of not delivering on time, said, “The key word is natural lake, builders do not have to do anything here. If it rains automatically the residents will get benefit. The additional cost will be how this new amenity can be used. That we will leave it to the building associations. They want to use it for boating, swimming, fishing or just to sit there to write poetry, let them decide. Why a builder like us would like to interfere in this?”

The city residents who are struggling to get adequate drinking water supply due to year after year drought hitting the state, are not prepared to handle so much water around them. While waiting for the car mechanic, Mr. Anil Maguluri of HSR layout said, “After four months my car got a natural full body wash thanks to 5 feet water in my apartment basement. But the engine has gone to coma, needs urgent attention”.

One builder has a solution for such problem. “We will have very big size lifts through which one can take his SUV to higher floors. Yes, it will cost little ‘extra’ for the parking lot next to your bedroom. I would recommend buyers to go for it as it covers the bad rainy day scenarios,” he said.