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Thanks to rupee fall, wont buy wedding dress from American boutiques, will shop at Linking Road instead: Priyanka Chopra

07, Sep 2018 By @jurnoleast

The rupee fall has not spared even celebrity couples like Nick and Priyanka who have now decided not to go ahead with their plans to shop for wedding dress from American boutiques. Apparently, Priyanka wanted to buy her trousseau from the US which included some celeb designers.

But with rupee weakening against the dollar, the Quantico actress has decided to shop from Linking road instead. A decision which also found support from Nick and his family. The actress has already made a shortlist of shops where she’d be checking out the dresses.

Not everyone happy though. Priyanka’s maternal aunt has expressed her displeasure and said, “This is not how Punjabi’s have a wedding. No designer expensive clothes, not per-wedding shopping drama-sham. Ye ki hoya bhai. When I got married I wore the most expensive dress and ‘catwalked’ in the neighborhood.”

Her decision elicited strong reactions from social media. While many supported the actress on the decision, the situation quickly took a political color.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi blamed the Govt. for the weakening of rupee and asked Priyanka Chopra to not invite anyone from the ruling Govt. to her wedding. “To support her, I too will do all my future shopping from Linking Road,” he said while addressing his party men.

Meanwhile, Arun Jaitley reassured that the rupee would stabilize in a few weeks and Priyanka’s decision was just an overreaction.