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Thanks to MCD strike, Delhi guys excited to have a bigger dumping ground than Mumbai

03, Feb 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: As the MCD strike entered its 8th day, quite a few Delhi residents were seen celebrating online. The reason, they finally have a bigger dumping ground than arch rivals Mumbai.

Several youngsters seen clicking selfies at such hotspots
Several youngsters seen clicking selfies at such hotspots

For decades, Mumbai has boasted of the largest dumping ground in the country at Deonar but thanks to MCD not cleaning the garbage for a week, Delhi has it well beaten.

Delhi and Mumbai have a long running social media battle with residents of both cities often competing against each other to show that their city is better.

Municipal Corporation of Delhi employees are on an indefinite strike over non-payment of salaries. As with everything else in Delhi, nobody is quite sure who is responsible for paying them the salary. As various Governments and departments bicker over the payment, garbage has started to pile up across the city.

Though a few of the residents are inconvenienced due to the garbage, many are welcoming this development as it gives them a chance to beat Mumbai.

“Mumbai has what, a 132 Hectares dumping ground, that’s it? We now have a dumping ground 100 times its size. 100 times! Entire Delhi is one big dumping ground now; you can throw garbage anywhere and everywhere. It feels amazing to beat Mumbai so comprehensively”, exclaimed a Vasant Kunj resident Ashish Singh.

Another Delhi resident from Dwarka, Amrita told us, “Mumbai started this fight. They started burning their garbage at Deonar to pollute their air more than us so we are glad that MCD struck back by polluting our roads more than them. With the garbage starting to smell real bad, hopefully we can reclaim our title of the most polluted air in the country as well.”

Meanwhile in Mumbai, a plea has been submitted by concerned citizens to CM Fadnavis to urgently stop the fire at Deonar and spread the 20 storey high mountain of garbage present there across the city. Mumbaikars are confident that they have enough garbage piled up there to reclaim their title as the largest dumping ground in India.