Monday, 24th February, 2020


Thanks to traffic jams, Delhi Motorists can't find space to fight on DND flyover after an accident

28, Jan 2020 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Thanks to the protests in Shaheen Bagh, the other roads between Noida and Delhi are getting a lot of traffic jams these days, one of them is the DND flyover, which is invariably jam packed during rush hours (which these days are from 6 AM till 12 midnight).

Road rage------31Pubaug2008
Road rage——31Pubaug2008

The bumper to bumper traffic makes sure there is no place for even the wind to pass through. In such a situation, people are finding it impossible to get into a fist fight after an accident with another vehicle.

As per the rules in Delhi, if your vehicle touches another vehicle on the road, you have to get out of your vehicle and then beat the hell out of the other driver. If there are more people in the other vehicle, then you get the hell beaten out of you. Now, people are struggling to follow this rule thanks to the dense traffic and it is creating serious societal problems.

Faking News spoke to several drivers affected by this situation. Raja Yadav from Mayur Vihar said, “Firstly, there is no space to even set your foot on the road, that is how close every vehicle is to each other. If you manage to get out after opening the door of your Fortunner, then there is no space to swing your arm and land a decent blow. Ab bhai hum Bruce Lee to hain nahin, ki 1 inch punch me gira diya saamne wala, we need space to fight. So far 2 drivers have escaped punishment from my hands thanks to this pathetic traffic.”

Another driver Mukul Sehrawat echoed Raja’s views, he said, “Yesterday I was changing lanes without indicator and I scratched my car against the truck in the next lane. Obviously the bigger vehicle was at fault for just standing there in the middle of a traffic jam and I knew that as a good citizen, I must beat him lekin car ka gate kholne tak ki jagah nahin mili ji mujhe to, 4 motorcycles ghus gayi utni jagah me. How to do our civil duty of fighting with other drivers if there is no space on the roads to do it? Government should do something.”

Meanwhile, Government has clarified that there is no protest happening on Karnal bypass and it is just the rush of people heading to various weddings.