That’s the only dialouge she has in the full film: Bharat producers try to calm ‘bhai’ fans angry at Katrina speaking too much in trailer

22, Apr 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Salman Khan journeys through 71 years of Indian history, beginning 1947, in Ali Abbas Zafar’s Bharat. The trailer gives a glimpse of a young Bharat as a motorcycle stuntman, then an employee at an oil-mining company, and later, the captain of a ship. But the trailer also shows Katrina speaking a lot, in fact for a full 10 seconds.


This has made the bhai fans very angry who think that Katrina’s dialogue delivery can hamper the collections of the movie. According to bhai fans, Katrina’s presence in a movie should only be for dance sequences.

Producer Atul Agnihotri had to call an immediate press conference to clarify that Katrina has only one dialogue in the movie and that dialogue was shown in the trailer. The movie will be action-packed bhai-oriented movie just like all his other movies. Bhai fans were pretty tensed when bhai did ‘Tubelight’ which had a story and also dialogues delivered by many female actors.

Bhai fans are not known for appreciating other actors speak a lot when Bhai is present in a scene. Bhai fans just want to see bhai on the screen. In fact, if the producer just releases a still of bhai instead of the full movie it may well do more collections at the box office then a regular movie.