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Theater hires psychologists to help customers recover from depression which they go into after missing first 5 minutes of a movie

02, Dec 2014 By idiot420

Bangalore. In order to help late coming customers recover from the depression which they go into after missing first few minutes of a movie, Filmalaya, a city based movie theater has hired psychologists.

Filmalaya management says, it’s a step to make movie watching experience better for those unfortunate people who reach the theater after the movie has started.

Play safe, be on time.
Play safe, be on time.

“Sometimes it’s because of the traffic, but most of the times it’s their close ones who are responsible. It can be a friend who takes too long to dress up before stepping out, or the person having the habit of eating too slow, forcing them to spend few more minutes at the food joint outside the theater,” explained Piyush Verma, manager of Filmalaya.

“They forget that it’s not like those good old days when they used to show long credit roll accompanied by music in the first five minutes of the movie,” he added.

As per Dr. Prem Ahuja, head psychologist at Filmalaya, the first symptoms of depression become visible when the victim gives an angry look at the person accompanying him or her.

“This is followed by murmuring something as they move towards their seats, and first thing they do after taking the seat is disturbing the person sitting next to them by asking, ‘Kitna der hua movie shuru huye, kuch zyada nikal gaya kya?’ Getting snubbed by the person further intensifies their depression,” Prem Ahuja described the phenomenon while talking to Faking News.

Most of the victims lose their hope so much that they forget that it’s just five minutes, and more than two hours of the movie is yet to be watched. Some of the more depressed ones even escape from the theater and book ticket for the next show.

But now, there is a solution.

“Five minutes after movie starts, our doctors do a round of the theater and take a look at those seated. The moment we spot someone with disgruntled facial expression, first thing we do is to ask them ‘who is responsible for this?’ Most of the times, the victim points at someone accompanying them. We immediately slap that person. It works like first-aid,” said a psychologist employed by the theater revealing the cure procedure which they follow.

If that fails to cheer up the depressed late comer, psychologists walk with them to their seats, and deliver a powerful pep talk on how most of the movies don’t have any story at all, and thus missing first 5 minutes won’t change anything.

Meanwhile, taking a cue from the issue raised by Filmalaya, an insurance firm is planning to introduce a movie ticket insurance which one can claim after missing at least first 5 minutes of a movie.