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Theft is by someone who knew the couple works in Whitefield so they can't come home before midnight says Police

17, Nov 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Local police submitted the preliminary investigative report on a theft case that happened in Nandini Layout area in Bengaluru. The police suspect this is done by someone who knew the IT couple whose house got burgled works in Whitefield area.

“The kind of delicate work the thieves have done, I have not seen it in my career spanning more than twenty years,” said Manjunath Gowda, working as sub inspector in Nandini layout police station.

Mr. Manjunath said, “After taking a close view of the house, it was clear to me the burglars knew they had ample time in hand. Typically, the burglars will break the door quickly in any classic robbery case as they would afraid of owner coming back or neighborhood people raising alarm.”

He added, “Here it was different. They have cut each portion of the door neatly and hey have taken the Godrej door lock also. Found tea cups, snacks packet and dinner plates, which means they enjoyed their meals while doing the work. Another advantage for the robbers was, the house where the robbery happened is surrounded by empty sites, so they had no threat from neighbors.”

“While connecting the dots, I realized this is a case where the robbers knew the couple works in Whitefield from where it takes many hours to reach this place”, said Manjunath.

Manjunath said he had worked in Whitefield police station before for few months and even when he started by 6 PM in his police jeep, he never reached home in Nandini layout before 10 PM.

“They are IT couple using their own vehicle for office commute, nobody will care to give an inch space to them on road. Even they started by 4 PM on that day they reached around midnight only,” said Manjunath.

Mr. Manjunath said he has zeroed down on few prime suspects and the burglars would be caught soon.

He has one advice for IT couples working in faraway places liked Whitefield, “Install CCTVs and if possible, have a security guard till midnight”.