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There was no Blackbuck, it was an optical illusion: Salman Khan's lawyers

27, Jan 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Jodhpur: After Salman Khan claimed that the blackbuck died of all natural causes all those years ago, his lawyers have gone one step further and stated that there was never a blackbuck in the first place. Salman’s lawyers have claimed that it was just an optical illusion that was mistaken as a dead blackbuck. A thoroughly confused judge adjourned the proceedings after hearing this and has set the next date on the day after his retirement.

Black buck
Tu Hai Ke Nahin

Outside the court premises, a member of Salman’s legal team said ,”Mirages are very common in deserts and this was just another case of an optical illusion as well. Desert heat plays tricks with your head all the time and someone saw a dead blackbuck where there was nothing but sand. Hopefully, the honourable court will end this false case against our client quickly within the next 15-20 years so that we can all go back to our lives.”

When asked about Salman’s statement that the blackbuck died of natural causes, he said ,”So many blackbucks die of natural causes, who knows which blackbuck Bhai was talking about. All we know is that the blackbuck related to our case never existed. You can go and check this with all the other blackbucks in the world and they will also have no clue about the existence of that particular blackbuck.”

Meanwhile, several Salman fans have started a protest asking why is Salman Khan being targeted over the death of one black buck when Narendra Modi can go around the country openly talking about all the black bucks in the country.