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These burning “copies of a book” events helped me buy new Honda City: JNU Photocopy shop-owner

11, Mar 2016 By Pagla Ghoda

JNU Campus: Mr. Khadagjeet Khadke the owner of a photocopy shop at JNU is now a proud owner of a brand new Honda City car thanks to several “burning copies of religious book” events in campus this year. 

photocopy machine
Money minting machine

Talking to media Mr. Khadke was unable to control his emotions, he said, “I love these students, I adore them. They burn thousands and thousands of copies of religious texts every year. And who helps them create so many copies in first place, yours truly of course. Sahab meri to rozi roti isi se chal rahi hai.

He further continued “My brother in law, who owns a photocopy shop outside an engineering college, is earning one tenth of what I am. That is because Engineering students are all tech savvy; they read stuff on Microsoft word and Adobe Reader. They are not much into photocopying except during the exams when they come to get micro photocopies of their books for cheating purposes. But here at JNU, bulk of my revenue is coming from these book burning events and protests.”

When we asked Mr. Khadke about the frequency of these book burning events, Mr. Khadke said, “Sir it is almost a daily event. They have an insatiable appetite for burning papers. Sometimes they even burn the only copy of their own PhD thesis in excitement. Then they start their PhD from scratch, which is why many of them have been doing PhD for decades.”

“I have already bought 2 new Xerox machines in the last year and am planning to rent some additional space at other side of the campus with 2 more machines to keep up with the book burning events. I really wish we keep getting such socially active and flame-loving kids here at JNU year after year. If such events continue at same pace I will have enough funds to book a 2 BHK flat in Greater Noida by next year”, Mr. Khadke said.

Not everyone is happy with the increasing business of Mr. Khadke. Speaking to Faking News, Mohan, a student leader said, “Yeah he is earning a lot because of these book burning events. That is a shame because he is nothing but a “poonjiwaadi” (wealth-oriented) bastard who is amassing wealth and not distributing it among poor. This is the very philosophy which we are against. This is nothing but violence against our poor brothers. Not helping poor people is a very violent crime.”

Then Mohan shouted Lal Salaam and headed to Mr. Khadke’s shop to get 7,000 copies of Manusmriti.