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'Thoda adjust karlo' declared national tagline of India

20, Sep 2017 By Akash Vadera

Each country on earth has a specific national motto or a tagline. It symbolizes the belief of the country on which the people live or the ideology it follows. So is the case with India. On Monday, the President of India declared ‘Thoda adjust karlo’ as the national tagline and entered it in the constitutional books.

We did a quick observation of the situations faced by common people to see how true this tagline is and how well it suits us. Our reporter first visited a local train. He sat on the third seat in a second class compartment.

An army of commuters blasted in at Dadar station and before he could realise what was happening, 3 people walked in the seating area murmuring ‘Thoda adjust karlo’. To add to this, one guy told him to shift a little to the inside saying ‘Thoda adjust karlo’.

He then traveled in an auto sitting at the front seat to the left of the auto driver. Another guy sat to the right of the driver saying ‘Thoda adjust karlo’. This phrase was also used by the vegetable vendor, the laundry guy, the bank clerk and also by the government official when our reporter complained about the potholes.

Our reporter went through many such situations that a common man faces and found the phrase ‘Thoda adjust karlo’ to be used 9 out of 10 times. The one time exception to this was when he was at a funeral.

The last incident of observation was when our reporter asked for new toothpaste and his mother told ‘Thoda adjust karle’ while squeezing the paste. After all these observations, we can rightly conclude that ‘Thoda adjust karlo’ is the ideology we Indians live by. It is in our DNA and in our blood.

Adjusting has become a habit of Indians and we will adjust no matter what. Indians even ‘adjust’ 3-4 gods in one pooja ghar (sanctum), which makes the tagline very apt. If you have a problem with this tagline been chosen, Thoda Adjust Karlo!