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Thousands flock to the newly opened Maoist Training Center in Bengal

06, Aug 2010 By Sudeep

Lalgarh, West Bengal. Maoist leader Kishenji inaugurated a newly built Maoist Training Center here today amid reports that Maoists had been facing difficulties in managing new recruits of late. The number of new recruits had skyrocketed after the West Bengal Government announced a highly lucrative rehabilitation package for the surrendering Maoists. Following the announcement, thousands of jobless graduates in West Bengal decided to become Maoists, only to surrender later, in order to qualify for the rehabilitation package.

“One could get vocational training for three years and even earn a stipend of 2000 rupees per month during the same duration! Had I known this earlier, I would not have wasted my three years studying Economics at Midnapore College and would have become a Maoist straightaway after the school.” said Debashish Dutta, one of the jobless graduate turned Maoist.

Maoist Training Center
New recruits sang communist jingles on the occasion of launch of the training center

Debashish justifies his decision by citing examples of his classmates, who had to move to different cities in and out of the state to work in unknown call centers for a meager income.

“All those guys behave so well to their bosses in anticipation of getting a salary hike at the end of a year, and still don’t get any return. Whereas if I behave well after surrendering, the government would hand me over a fixed deposit of 1.5 lakh rupees!” Debashish pointed out as he proceeded to fill up the required forms to become a trainee Maoist.

Speaking on this occasion, Kishenji hoped that the new training center will fulfill the aspirations of the local youth. He denied that he was worried over the possibility of the new recruits surrendering too soon after getting the basic training.

“There are enough jobless graduates in the country. In fact, we will open new centers in other states very soon so that there are no problems of large scale migration.” he announced.

The training center is supposed to ensure the best training for all these new recruits and is equipped with the best of assault rifles, hand-grenades and latest landmines, apart from kilos of explosive ancient communist literature and modern essays by Arundhati Roy, who is rumored to deliver the inaugural convocation address when the first batch from the training center graduates next year.