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Our threats are not fake like our products, take them seriously: China warns India

24, Jul 2017 By @jurnoleast

Adding to its laundry list of threats, China today issued another warning saying that its threats were not fake unlike most of their products and India better take them seriously.

An article in a local newspaper which has been regularly issuing threats was critical at India’s lackadaisical response to China’s warning.

“It seems India doesn’t understand the gravity of the situation. Their army has transgressed and we won’t take it lightly. Our newspapers are ready with more articles and we will be launching them one by one. Ab Dangal Hoga,” wrote Chin Chin Chu, a senior editor at China Daily.

A close door meeting between top Chinese military officials was underway this morning to discuss as to why there no repose even after repeated provocation. Some said that besides the obvious association with everything Chinese being fake,

Given that the Chinese media is at the forefront of the attacks on the Indian army and the call to withdraw troops, India too is contemplating at sending its news reporters to assist the army.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh met prominent faces from the media in the presence of defence experts to chalk out a plan to deal with the Chinese aggression. Sources say that an ‘A-team’ comprising leading prime-time news anchors could just head to the border to assist the army.

“Rajdeep’s boxing skills are well known. Maybe we can have him for hand combats with the enemy. Besides, we have Arnab as back up. Even the Chinese are wary of him. They’d give up their all the land in their possession than risk evoking Arnab’s wrath,” said a defence expert.