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Three generations of IT engineers from same family start with same 3 lakhs package

24, May 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Unlike old RK banner movie Kal Aaj Aur Kal where Raj Kapoor tried his level best to close the gap between his father’s thinking with son’s, there is no such problem for Ajay Jawade’s family. They become the first family in India where grandson joined the footsteps of his illustrious father and grandfather in joining an IT bellwether company in Bengaluru.

“We are not just the first family where three generations started their career with same company, we are also the first family where the starting salary have been the same that is three lakhs per annum”, said Mr. Ajay Jawade while speaking to us.

Ajay added, “When Joy (my elder son) called me today afternoon to say he has been selected for TCS (Teenlakhia Consulting Services), you cannot imagine my happiness. I did not ask his package as being an IT industry veteran for last thirty years where my father has also worked for ten odd years, I knew what they will offer. Being a shy boy, Joy after hesitating for a minute told me it’s 3 LPA plus 10k worth of Sodexo coupons”.

Ajay said to Joy, “Joy, there is nothing to be shy about it. This is the same package with which I as well as your grandpa started their career. See where are we now. Only thing is you need to save a lot more than we did”.

Ajay is confident the way Industry has ‘managed’ in keeping the fresher’s salary at same level for last thirty odd years, the trend can continue for better part of this century.

“I would not be at all surprised if Joy’s grandson or granddaughter joins with the same package”, said Ajay who was searching online to find a room where at least ten techies share it because he knew that’s what Joy can afford with his package now.