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Three year old wants to grow up to become a celebrity

15, Feb 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Chintu acknowledging the recognition
Chintu acknowledging the recognition

Tonk, Rajasthan. Three years old Chintu, who won the “Tonk’s Got Talent” competition for bed-wetting kids, wants to become a celebrity when he grows up. Chintu was addressing local journalists after he won the locally popular and prestigious singing-dancing-crapping competition. He was adjudged the winner after he showcased a rare talent of correctly guessing the number of teeth in a person’s mouth just by looking at his or her toothbrush.

“Have I become a celebrity now?” was the first question that Chintu asked the journalists before Journalists could ask anything. When a local reporter expressed doubt on Chintu’s celebrity status, the precocious kid started howling profusely. The press conference could resume only after all the journalists reassured Chintu that he indeed was a celebrity.

“There was some entertainment award ceremony being shown on television and there were many people whom I didn’t know at all, but I guess they were celebrities. Chintu was asking about each one of them and I could only tell him that they were celebrities. I guess he made up his mind to become one then and there.” Chintu’s father Chintamani Gehlot recalled.

“Celebrity comes on TV. People clap when he comes. His photo comes in papers. He earns money.” was how Chintu defined a celebrity and why he wanted to become one.

Chintu believes that he has all the talent to become a celebrity as he could win the “Tonk’s Got Talent” competition. Having seen such rare talents in his son at such a tender age, Chintamani Gehlot is now seriously planning to groom his son to become a celebrity.

“There are so many celebrities these days as compared to our times. I guess the demand for celebrities will only grow in coming years as media and entertainment sector is poised to grow fast. And what could be better for my Chintu? He will receive praise even for fighting and abusing someone, especially a fellow celebrity. He will get a VIP status and won’t obey rules, which otherwise are so difficult and precious to get away with.” Chintamani said.

Chintamani believes that the toothbrush inspecting power of his son has the potential of making Chintu a celebrity. But he has a backup plan ready. Chintu is also being trained to speak as a spiritual leader.

“Too much of celebrities and entertainment might make the future generations disillusioned, drained and bored. Therefore I’m also teaching Chintu to take interest in religious and spiritual affairs. This will further improve his chances of becoming a celebrity.” Chintamani hoped.

The press conference ended only after all the reporters took autographs of Chintu.