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Three years without success, college dropout now trying to get back to college

10, Jan 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Inspired no end by news stories of college dropouts becoming billionaires and leaders in their own fields, Ankit Pradhan, then 18, too had decided to abandon his B.Com studies three years ago to pursue his dream of creating a “Facebook type” website for those underprivileged citizens of India who had no access to internet.

After spending around five lakh rupees and talking unsuccessfully to various “investors”, Ankit is now trying to get admission in B.Com first year for the academic year 2011-12. Ankit was in the second year when he took the decision to become a dropout entrepreneur.

Steve Jobs, one of the dropout billionaire
Ankit had photos of people like Steve Jobs, one of the billionaire dropouts, as his display pictures on various social networking websites before he changed them to one of his own last week

“When I look back, I think I took a good decision,” Ankit said, as he dusted off his class-XII mark-sheet for getting some Xerox copies for attaching with the application forms to various colleges.

“I have no regrets,” he added.

“No, no, I meant the decision to call it quits,” he clarified and reiterated that he was looking forward to a whole new learning experience with new and younger batchmates.

Ankit’s parents too have expressed happiness over the “brave” decision of Ankit to get back to college.

“Finally, those five lakh rupees paid off,” Ankit’s father said, “imagine if he had staunchly believed in his idea.”

Ankit’s father still can’t forget the day when his son had come back home after being threatened by a local milkman, who simply would not listen anymore to Ankit’s ideas of helping him increase his cow’s productivity through his proposed website.

“I had told him many times it was not working,” his father recalled, “but he would still go back to his target audience and investors. He had full dedication and was willing to work hard, but maybe his ideas were ahead of time.”

“Fuck that shit!” Ankit said when asked why he thought his idea of launching the website didn’t work.