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Tiger leader demands caste wise break up of 1411 tigers left

20, May 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Sher Singh, a local leader of Indian tigers, has demanded a caste-wise break up of all the tigers currently residing in India, widely believed to be just 1411 in numbers. Singh believes that welfare schemes like “Save Our Tigers” can never succeed without such data collected. This is for the first time that any animal group, apart from the human beings, has put forward such a demand.

“Every tiger in India is not a Bengal tiger! You guys have such warped ideas about different societies. We too have different castes and we fight with each other for power and control, something you guys have started recently as compared to us.” Sher Singh made the startling claim.

Indian Tiger
Sher Singh believes that Indian tigers are a divided lot and hence on the brink of extinction

Singh claimed that during their hay days, when the whole world was jungle and there were many more tigers, their society started getting divided along caste and gotra lines as they fought for control and supremacy over each other’s territories and tigresses.

“Initially it was fun, but we slowly realized that we were just fighting over existing resources instead of finding ways to increase the resources for all of us. By the time we realized, it was too late. All the tigers, irrespective of their castes, which you humans now term as breeds, were being eliminated by you guys.” Singh claimed.

When asked why he was still insistent on a caste-wise break up if he held the caste-based division responsible for the downfall of tigers, Sher Singh claimed that the rest of the tigers were so besotted with caste that nothing but a mention of such stuff will push them to save their own asses.

“It has got to their DNA now.” Singh rued.

And it seems Sher Singh is right in his observation. His statement has stirred the tiger politics after years of inactivity, but it seems Singh’s noble intentions might be lost very soon as new leaders claiming to represent different castes of tigers have started speaking up.

“Sher Singh is a fake leader. He is not even a tiger. He is liger – his mother was a lion and we all know it. He has no rights to talk about tigers.” said Balu Baghav, a little known tiger leader announcing a protest march in Delhi to press for a caste-wise break up of tigers.