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Tihar Jail launches blogging website for its VIP prisoners

29, Oct 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Realizing the level of interest media and common people have in the daily lives of those lodged in Tihar Prisons, jail authorities have decided to launch a blogging website for its prisoners. Every inmate will get a dedicated page for himself or herself, where he or she can chronicle the daily life of a Tihar prisoner. The website is expected to be a runaway success and bring revenues to the jail as well.

“There was a whole lot of speculation in media on how Kanimozhi and Kalmadi would celebrate Diwali in jail,” Mr. BK Gupta, DG, Tihar Prisons, told Faking News, “Many journalists requested us to allow them inside the cells and file exclusive stories on Diwali of the VIPs inside Tihar, but we denied all such requests.”

Kapil Sibal with Aakash tablet
Government could provide Aakash tablets to Tihar inmates for blogging

This was not the first time when Tihar authorities had received requests on details of personal lives of inmates. With more VIPs expected to land in the prison, authorities decided to simplify the process and launch a website that allows the inmates to share their feelings with the outer world.

Kanimozhi has apparently already written a poem for her blog after getting the news. However, 2G scam petitioner Subramanian Swamy has cautioned that such poems and seemingly innocuous blog posts could contain “code words” that could help shield the real perpetrators of the crime.

But Tihar authorities say that they have taken precautions.

“The blog posts will be written by the inmates but will be reviewed by our experts before putting them in public,” Mr. Gupta clarified, “We would make sure that no sensitive information is leaked by the inmates, and only the ‘newsworthy’ details are published.”

Expecting a huge traffic to the blogs of likes of Kalmadi, Kanimozhi, and Raja among others, Tihar Prisons have decided to sell advertising spaces on these blogs to earn revenues.

“Formula One organizers have expressed keen interest in buying advertising space on Kalmadi’s blog,” a Tihar jail source revealed, “They want to put banners on the blog that reads – no bridge collapsed while organizing this event.”

Many jokes and humor sites too apparently have expressed interest in buying ad-banners on Kalmadi’s blog apart from F1 organizers, while hordes of mobile companies are rooting for a space on A Raja’s blog.

“DMK chief Karunanidhi has been supportive of the idea and he wants to see Airtel’s banner with the tagline ‘har ek friend zaruri hota hai’ (every friend is necessary) on A Raja’s blog,” the Tihar source said, “Perhaps he is expecting a lot of Congress leaders to visit A Raja’s blog and get the message.”

“We are hopeful of attracting Bollywood and entertainment sector advertisements too once Amar Singh recuperates and comes back to Tihar,” the source added.

(originally written for and published in leading English daily DNA)