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Tihar Jail to open museum of wax statues of VIP inmates

09, Nov 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. India could soon get her own Madame Tussauds as Tihar Jail has decided to open a museum with wax statues of all its VIP inmates. Since many VIPs get bail and or are subsequently acquitted, jail authorities decided to take this step to permanently house them inside their premises.  The museum will be built and operated by Tihar authorities and could become a source of revenues.

“With ever changing political equations and scenario, we are never sure who will come in and come out,” Mr. BK Gupta, DG, Tihar Prisons, told Faking News, “With media enquiring us constantly about these inmates, we realized that perhaps it has become a status symbol to be sent to Tihar jail. I was confused if they were VIPs before Tihar or after Tihar!”

“Nonetheless, we decided to grab this opportunity to our benefit,” he added, “With so many VIPs in our custody, we decided to open a museum where people could get an idea about life in Tihar. A museum of wax statues was the best option.”

Kanimozhi, with her own wax statue.

Kanimozhi, with an artistic bent of mind, was the most cooperative inmate, sources say. In fact, she decided to make her own wax statue as soon as she heard the news.

“She had earlier received training in making wax candles, and so the learning curve was not too steep for her,” a Tihar source revealed, “She made her own statue in three flat days. Very impressive indeed!”

However, other inmates are having trouble. Suresh Kalmadi promised to make his own candle in a single day but has not even started yet.

“No, he has not forgotten about it, he very well remembers it,” our source informed, “Just that he is too slow, and keeps insisting that the whole museum making contract should be handed over to him.”

The former CWG Chairman has received support from A Raja, who thinks that Kalmadi must be given contract as he asked for it before anyone else. “Raja is insisting on first-come-first-serve basis even though we want to follow a more competitive and transparent process,” our source said.

“We will not come under any pressure and build this museum independently,” Mr. BK Gupta reiterated.

Tihar authorities believe that the making of the museum and wax statues would be completed by this month end and they would open it for public viewing in December. The ticket rates will be dynamically priced based on popular demand.

“We expect the tickets for galleries like ‘2G celebrities’ to be priced at a premium,” Mr. Gupta hoped, “If the public response is encouraging, we could partner with other jails like the Arthur Road jail in Mumbai for opening branches in other cities. Imagine Kasab’s wax statue!”

Mr. Gupta refused to comment if Tihar jail will also release data such as “the most slapped” or “the most spat on” statues on the lines of “the most kissed” wax figures by Madame Tussauds.

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