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TikTok ban lifted by Madras HC, Govt takes credit for job creation

25, Apr 2019 By @jurnoleast

Ban on the popular mobile app was lifted today and it didn’t take long for the Govt to take credit for creating jobs in the country. Sources say that joblessness numbers saw a sharp spike after the application was banned a few weeks back.


But after today’s verdict, these jobs have been added back and many who rely on the app to keep themselves occupied heaved a sigh of relief. Statistics reveal that with the verdict, around 2 lakh jobs were added to the market while drastically bringing down the joblessness numbers.

PM Modi himself made a mention about the app while speaking at a rally in Darbangha today. He said, “Opposition parties keep questioning us ‘Where are the jobs’. I hope they have got a befitting reply today. Kam se kam do laakh yuvaon ko TikTok se rozgaar mila hai. Aur mai vaada karta hu, ki agar hamari sarkaar aayi toh yeh aankde aur bhi badhenge.”

A spokesperson for the BJP also revealed that for the benefit of TikTok users, the party is ready to consider the time spent on the app as regular work experience. Many loyal and long time users of the app welcomed the decision.

“TikTok has kept me occupied for the last couple of years. It is like a placement agency for me. And if this news about time spent on TikTok to be counted as work experience is true, then I can easily use that to cover gaps in my CV,” said an engineering graduate from Bengaluru.

Congress meanwhile has criticized the HC decision and accused the Govt of promoting Chinese products.

AAP leader and Delhi CM Kejriwal said that he would support the Govt on the app if he would be guaranteed statehood for Delhi.