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By the time father reached Whitefield to see his new born baby, the baby was getting ready to go to school

25, May 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Due to some critical project assignment, Anil was asked to go to US client’s office 4 weeks before the baby’s delivery date. As soon as the news reached him that he is proud father of a baby girl, he left for Bengaluru. But thanks to Whitefield traffic mess, he missed to see his daughter growing up.

“When I reached home, my daughter was getting ready to go to a nearby play school,” said Anil.

While reflecting on the biggest mistake he did by purchasing apartment in Whitefield, Anil said, “I have to blame myself, no one else. Mera dimmag gharap hua tha jo meine whitefield mein ghar liya tha. When I started, Google maps was saying just about a year from California to my Whitefield residence. All of a sudden in this month of May, there was heavy downpour as soon as I landed at the Bengaluru International Airport. Then I knew it’s all in God’s hands.”

Anil added, “I am lucky at least I have reached home. My roommate in California who came along with me for his son’s Mundan is still stuck at Silk Board Jn. He just now pinged me in WhatsApp to say he is hopeful of reaching home before this year Diwali. Told me, in case I leave before he reaches home, just walk up to the traffic signal location he will send me so that he can handover the California apartment keys.”

After that Anil called Amazon customer care to check if he can exchange the baby diapers he had ordered with dress for 3-year old daughter to which customer care person replied, “Absolutely. We understand the situation in Whitefield. Anyone staying there has replacement window for five years.”