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Time saved by internet and mobile invested in timepass on internet and mobile

19, Mar 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After five years of extensive research and analysis, researchers have concluded that the modern day human being has successfully wasted all the time saved by internet and mobile technologies by doing timepass on internet and mobile. The researches have gone so far ahead to suggest that the human civilization hasn’t gained much due to these technologies, which are considered path-breaking and revolutionary for the human civilization.

“Some guy, who could have become Einstein, is playing Angry Birds right now,” Arun Kumar, one of the researchers claimed, “Internet and mobile technologies gave human beings loads of free man-hours, which they have invested back in internet and mobiles, by indulging in total timepass.”

Internet on mobile
Researchers deny that they had collected data for the interview through online interviews

Researchers point out that a normal human being saved crucial time such as standing in queues to submit electricity bills and going to a shop to buy goods by using internet and mobile, but the time gained was lost on websites and SMS by him or her.

“People are spending more time tweeting and forwarding stolen tweets as SMSes than indulging in scholastic pursuits,” Arun, a fulltime researcher, rued, “For every person reading encyclopedic article on internet, there are thousands ‘liking’ Rajinikanth jokes on Facebook.”

“In fact, we have data to prove that human civilization would have been in a comparable situation if there was no internet or mobile. The society hasn’t gained much collectively,” he claimed.

“Even Govind Tiwari hasn’t gained much,” Arun told Faking News.

When asked about developments like Arab Spring and Wikileaks, which are often considered to have happened due to internet and new technologies, Arun said that he didn’t attach much significance to such events as they were turning out to be the same shit.

“Gaddafi had to go, so?” he asked, “And what is that thing that Wikileaks told you that you didn’t already know?”

Arun denied that his research was timepass of any kind.