Tipplers want wine shops to be re-classified as chemist stores so that they can remain open during lockdown

13, Apr 2020 By @jurnoleast

With the lockdown extended till the end of April, tipplers seem to be most inconvenienced by the announcement.


In a desperate bid to lay their hands on a bottle of their favorite spirit, habitual drinkers have now asked the Govt to reclassify wine shops as chemist stores and keep them open.

The Association of Alcohol Drinkers of India has written a letter to PM Modi requesting his intervention.

Speaking to Faking News, President of the Association said, “Many of our members are going through a tough time. It’s been almost a month since the shops have been shut. It is taking a toll on the physical and mental well being of habitual drinkers. If alcohol is not made available, many would be showing symptoms worse than corona.”

The association has also threatened agitation if their demands are not met.

But that seems to have had no effect on the Govt. While speaking to our reporter one official pointed out how they received a letter from ‘some women’s association’ to immediately open beauty parlors or they’d spam social media with their mustache pics.

We can’t give into their demands like this. Next they may ask us reclassify paan-beedi shops as grocery stores. This is ludicrous and Govt will not bow down to their requests or threats,” said a highly placed Govt official.

Meanwhile, Team India coach Ravi Shastri offered help to those dealing with withdrawal symptoms and said that he’d share some of his tips on ‘how to survive with limited inventory’, hoping to ease their pain. “I know how difficult life can be when alcohol is in short supply. Trust me, I have been through those situations before and no one better than me to explain anything about alcohol. Kerala Govt is already in touch me with, Center should also consider,” he remarked.