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To avoid extra calories, die hard pizza fan found throwing out pizza from his mouth after chewing it

22, Oct 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Anmol Chaturvedi, a diet conscious man in his early twenties was found throwing out pizza from his mouth after chewing it.

Anmol, a die hard pizza fan do this on regular basis just in order to avoid swallowing in pizza and putting on extra weight.

Pizza Slice
Chew and throw.

“For health reasons, doctor has asked me to avoid pizza. But look, I found an innovative solution to the problem which will not only help me, but a lot of other people too, who are facing similar trouble,” Anmol said adding that his innovation is inspired from the act of mouth fagging.

“It’s just like taking a smoking cigarette so that smoke is inhaled into the mouth without reaching the lungs and exhaled immediately. Eating pizza that way makes me feel that I am eating a pizza, and at the same time keep me safe from its harmful effects,” Anmol continued with a sigh of relief.

In a piece of advice to fellow pizza maniacs, Anmol said that it was perfectly fine and not at all an act of psycho to just chew the pizza.

“To begin with, it will look bizarre and as a matter of fact will not be that easy to do even if you want to do it. With pizza inside your mouth, it’s not a child play to stop yourself from swallowing it. But at that point of time, you need to convince yourself that, now, it’s of no use to swallow it. Your taste buds have already enjoyed it, and swallowing it at that point will give a rather more disgusting death to your beloved pizza than throwing it out. You know what happens with foods, once they reach inside stomach? With acid and all inside, it’s pretty brutal,” Anmol concluded his sentimental appeal.

“And once inside your stomach, your favourite pizza is converted into shit by the digestive system. Do you want it to happen with the pizza you love so much?” a teary eyed Anmol questioned.

Meanwhile, sensing that many more could follow Anmol’s suggestion, playing safe, pizza brands have started working on creating chewing gum type pizzas.