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To bring down medication cost, doctor found prescribing Ghazals in place of sedatives

13, Oct 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. In an attempt to help people by bringing down medication cost, a city based physician is prescribing Ghazals in place of sedative pills to sleep deprived patients.

Doctor Anurag Dixit, who himself is a ghazal fan and hobbyist ghazal singer, first realized its sedative effects when he performed on the occasion of his college alumni meet.

Ghazalin, for instant effect.

“Almost everybody sitting there in the auditorium fell asleep by the time I was done. And I said, wow!! That was indeed an eureka moment for me,” Anurag narrated the incident that could now became a milestone in the field of medical therapy.

“As far as I could understand, deep lyrics of ghazals reminds many of books and those who fail to understand fall asleep,” he continued pointing out one of the possible reasons behind sedative power of ghazals.

Dr. Anurag immediately made up his mind to start prescribing ghazals to his patients suffering from insomnia.

“The very next day I grouped various ghazals according to power of their sleep inducing effect and coined a new term ‘Ghazalin’ for them. I named folder containing less boring ghazals as Ghazalin 25 mg, folder with comparatively more boring ghazals as Ghazalin 50 mg and so on,” Dr. Anurag Dixit told Faking News, adding that patients usually get the song folders from the chemist outside his clinic at free of cost, “All they have to do is to bring a pen drive.”

However, patients are expected to take couple of precautions while consuming Ghazalin.

“First precaution is to use earphone. Otherwise it will be like eating sedative pills together with whole family; it’s only you who is suffering from insomnia,” explained the assistant to Dr. Anurag, “And the second precaution is to keep liquor away, or the effect could be inverse.”

Experts say that Dr. Anurag Dixit’s innovation is not only reducing some burden off patients’ pocket, but down the line it will also help in bringing down cases where people try suicide by taking overdose of sedative pills.

“We are hoping that Ghazalin will be replacing all sedative pills in the market. And I am sure nobody is going to die by overdose of ghazals,” said an optimistic human rights activist.

Meanwhile, to compensate for the loss caused due to fall in sale of sedative pills, R&D division of pharma companies are hiring ghazal singers to create possibly the most boring songs in the world. Companies are expecting to earn good revenues by selling those ghazals.